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~Hello and welcome to my page~
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

DA Names
Eterna or Nyx

Random Facts About Me
I am a christian.
I learned how to draw from my dad and inherited his doodling habit.
I love to read and solve riddles.
I'm the older sister of two munchkins.
I'm a dork and proud of it.
I love to help people out.
I hope to become a children's book author for SPED kids.
Currently studying to become a ABA Therapist
About as intimidating as cuddly fluff pie, but I have my moments
My sense of humor is (very) questionable at times.
I will never get too old for Pokemon.
I have a varied taste in music, and can have up to 1000+ tracks on one playlist.
I love tea~ :tea:
I detest bullies and will not tolerate them.

Little Sister

Other Accounts

RP Group OC's
:bulletred: Cher :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Esmerelda :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: Marionette :bulletblack:
:bulletpurple: Masami :bulletpurple:
:bulletblue: Izzy :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Annie :bulletpink:
:bulletwhite: Bella :bulletwhite:
:bulletorange: Flannery :bulletorange:

:iconpachuuplz: I love to use icons so feel free to browse through my library.
Icon Library Part 1
Icon Library Part 2
Icon Library Part 3

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design
If I say something wrong, please feel free to correct me :)

Resources used from Gasara
Icon made with


Anyone else feel massive anxiety when you have so much to clean out in your inbox, but you don't know where to start?
PS: Flower Crown Meme by eternanyx
PS: Flower Crown Meme
In honor of springtime and growing interest, I made a flower crown meme~. Draw your character wearing a flower crown any way you want. Also brownie points for using symbolism e.g. Daisy = Innocence, Galega = Reason, Scarlet Geranium = Stupidity, Fuschia = Taste, Clematis = Mental Beauty, etc.

Flower Stock (c) NKG--stockpile

PS: Steam's Investigative Seekers by eternanyx
PS: Steam's Investigative Seekers
Thought I'd doodle these cuties

SIS is a group founded by Raquel Phillips to investigate the strange magical and paranormal phenomenon that happens on the land lost to time. This group of friends consists of the youngest members on Steam as they all go to the same school and are most likely to listen to and follow Raquel's lead.

Order From Left to Right
Fischer Carr/Vaporeon/13: Fish is the newest member to this rookie group of investigators. He was most likely dragged in by his friend Annie or Raquel's persistent invitations. His job is to act as the live bait or emergency fire extinguisher. He's also the group's scardey cat.

Heidi Knodel/Teddiursa/14: Acting as Raquel's right hand, Heidi tends to help her come up with wacky plans for the groups investigations. In addition to this, she's also SIS' official snack caterer and bait provider, bringing treats from her parents' confectionary.

Annie Jones/Swirlix/12: Composed and snarky, this farmgirl acts as the brawn of the group. She's usually the one to question Raquel's schemes or theories, but more often than not she'll just roll with it. It's a fun hobby, plus she gets to explore with her dog Maddy.

Raquel Philips/Purrloin/14: As leader of the group Raquel looks for strange phenomena wherever she goes, because on Steam anything could happen: ghosts, aliens, alternate universes, unexplainable floating objects, roombas, body swaps. It's up to her and SIS to get to the bottom of things, one anomaly at a time. Her pet espurr, Charlie, is the mascot of the group and often comes with her to aid in their adventures.


Fischer belongs to VirtualManectric
Heidi belongs to svestaluv
Annie belongs to me
Raquel belongs to PizzaPotatoNBacon
PS: Leather, Ribbons, and Lace by eternanyx
PS: Leather, Ribbons, and Lace
//cries bc all my pretty lacy, floral, and ribbon details are too small to see clearly


Alright well, this is my third time designing outfits for Es. Yes I have a problem, but my goodness I do love drawing lace and her pretty vintage/gothic inspired outfits. I feel like Pinterest has helped a lot with conceptualizing her outfits and putting things together. Thank you Vir for sharing that site with me.

Anyways, here are descriptions of what Esme is wearing since some parts of the outfits look like a single piece instead of two and some of the details aren't very clear or don't show at all. I'm also linking better references for the things that don't really show up. I hope they help. ^^; (Actually now that I think about it, I'm going to upload larger versions of each into my and link them instead of so many references.)

Regular: This is Esme's usual blue and black lace corset with a black mini-skirt. She usually wears a winged ammonite fascinator in her hair. Her emerald engagement choker and wedding ring are pretty much mandatory for every outfit unless a reason is given. Black close-toed high soft heel sandals gow well with this.
Alternate: Underneath her badass black leather jacket, Esme has a red victorian-style shirt dress with black embroidery. This is paired with a pair of black corset pants with lacing on the sides. Instead of her winged ammonite fascinator, Esme wears a red paper rose.
Casual: A comfy outfit for around the house or relaxing. She has a magenta cardigan that ties at the top over a creamy ruffled lace cami. The simple dark brown skirt is made of a soft and durable material good for pretty much anything. Ballet flats go with this.
Sleepwear: Black camisole with the top and bottom trimmed with black lage and tied around the waist with a green ribbon. In the case she has to get out of bed she has a black robe to throw on. Also, not being a morning person Esme has a lacey black sleep mask to block out the rude morning sun. She doesn't wear her choker or wedding ring to bed.
Undergarments: More like lingerie, anyways.. Esme has a black bustier with straps to hold her stockings up. Lots of black lace, mesh, and nylon. Her choker and wedding ring don't count as undergarments.
Swimwear: Simple and classy black bikini for water-related outings. She could easily cover up with a towel or her bloomer shorts if need be. She doesn't wear her choker or wedding ring when she goes swimming for obvious reasons.
Semi-Formal: A short green dress with lacey details on the bottom of the skirt, blue bust with black lace, and green ribbon in the front over a black middle. Eager to dance, she wears her green mary janes. Fluffy feather fascinators are fun to wear with this. She also likes to wear lace fingerless gloves.
Formal: Esme's little black dress is more sophisitacted and refined than her semi-formal. The halter for the dress is a green ribbon while the ribbon in between the ruffles at the top is magenta. On the sides of the corset are magenta flowers with green leaves. With this she likes to wear her black opera gloves trimmed with lace at the top, and put her hair in a stylish updo.
Spring: Nothing says spring like a leather jacket and a cute white and magenta floral print dress. Esme wears a leather waist cincher over the dress and a pink flower in her hair. Green open-toe wedges seem to go pretty well with this.
Summer: Ruffled khaki bloomer shorts and a jade green and black lace corset tank are perfect for summer outings with Ammon. Boots or more practical shoes would probably make more sense for backpacking, but her green wedges work if they're not going on an outing.
Fall: Wow, could you even wear any more black Es? Esme's fall outfit consists of a gothic-style top with red ribbons on the side and her corset pants. She has black victorian-style boots for cold weather.
Winter: Esme's outerwear for cold weather. She has a green cloche with a black band and flower to cover her ears while a green scarf covers up her neck. Her trenchcoat is dark grey with black buttons.
Husband's Shirt: Every now and then Esme steals a tank from her husband and turns it into a tunic of sorts to wear with her corset pants. To have it fit her form better, she tied her green scarf around her waist with a cute bow in the back. She might steal his sleeveless jacket too, but it's more likely that she'd wear her own leather jacket.
Yoga: Esme likes to yoga, so she needs clothes to workout in. Her pirate bloomers are ruffled at the end with little bows and her tank top has "Coffee" painted on it. Her yoga clothes also double as a sick-day outfit due to being so comfortable and easy to sleep in. She doesn't wear her choker, wedding ring, or other acessories with her workout/sick-day clothes.
Chilly Weather: A coffee colored cardigan, a beige shirt with a navy ribbon running down the middle, and a wine ruffled skirt, make up a lovely outfit for cold weather. She likes to wear a cream colored floral fascinator with this.
Bolero Jacket: A variation of her regular outfit for colder weather. She wears a black bolero jacket over her jacket and a longer, flowing skirt. Her close-toed sandals are also exchanged for victorian boots.

Other Notable Outfits:
-Modern Outfit
-Wedding Dress
-Lovebug Costume

Esmerelda belongs to me
Ammon and some of the art belong to VirtualManectric
Blank Wardrobe Meme was created by PizzaPotatoNBacon
References from
PS NPC: Dr. Maio by eternanyx
PS NPC: Dr. Maio

"Oh hello there, didn't you mean something else?"

:bulletpink: Name: Dr. Guilherme A. Maio
:bulletpink: Age: 56
:bulletpink: Nature: Relaxed (Takes Plenty of Siestas)
:bulletpink: Gender: Male
:bulletpink: Job: Hospital Director

:bulletpink: Ability: Forewarn

:bulletpink: History: Phlegmatic and affable, Dr. Maio has been the director of Steam Hospital for decades now. He knows very well how to do his job, but oh naps. Naps are good. Naps help one find the energy to do all that work.

However with the lack of patients, it seems that there's been less need to work and more time to nap. His assistant, Nurse June, struggles with getting him to be serious and focus on his job, but perhaps having something worthwhile to direct will give him some sort of motivation.

:bulletpink: Moveset: Defense Curl, Protect, Sleep Talk, Psyshock

:bulletpink: Extras:
    -Actually a subspecies of Musharna based off of a Brazilian tapir
    -His face and neck are lavender colored, the top and back of his head is covered with a mound of pink fur, and the rest of his body is a pink/lavender color
    -When his eyes are open and awake, you can see that he has red irises
    -Dream mist emanates from his forehead when he sleeps (which is often).
    -Pink is the most common color of dream mist, but other colors include blue for sad dreams and black for nightmares.
    -Able to hold coherent conversations in his sleep
    -Great poker face and a bit of a deadpan snarker =v=

hm tagged by VirtualManectric

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.


1) I am terrible when it comes to cleaning out my inbox and broke my record with 5,555 deviations and 500 journal entries to sift through. :dummy:
2) I'm going to major in Psychology. (Although I'm sure some of you already knew that; So in place of that: I have developed a fear of the sound of wheels: bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, scooters, vans. Walk around my college campus and you'll find out why.)
3) However, today I was asked if I'd consider majoring/minoring in Environmental Studies since I'm doing rather well in that class. This of course was a surprise to me, since I considered myself to be pretty average.
4) I am addicted to tea.
5) I once made a preacher's wife cry because I pointed out the fact that we were gambling.
6) I'm a Hufflepuff.
7) I really love Mushi-shi and will always recommend it to others. If you like series about paranormal activity and mythology, having a historical/period setting, with gorgeous animation, and an awesome main character, then you should definitely give it a watch~ 
8) I really need to make a new ID for myself.
9) I cannot do zombies or gore. (Although some instances, zombies are okay like in Paranorman and Space Dandy)
10) I'm probably going to sleep after this. Or stay up until 3 AM studying. One of those two.


Can you issue a challenge to yourself to NOT degrade yourself and/or your art for a month (after that, for as long as you can)?
I could try, but I don't think I'd get very far ^^; Oh whoops does that count as a disqualification?

2) Put some music on shuffle and name one of the songs here, please?
"Here to Stay" by Lenka on Cher's Spotify Playlist. It's a steady, mellow song that I can really relate to.

3) Have you seen The Matrix?
No... but I know of it.

4) What's your favourite type of food?
Meat. Meat and cheese are always good. Omg, I love cheese so much. You have to try havarti cheese with a Golden Delicious apple slice or something similar. Oh and dark chocolate's really good too.

5) Do you have a favourite show you've been watching lately? If so, what is it? (Yes, only one show.)
:iconyuicraiplz: I have to just pick one? Weh. I have several. One of the series that I've been enjoying lately is Teen Titans. I never really saw the entire series, and re-watching it gives me a deeper appreciation for the shows I grew up with and humor to brighten up my day.

6) What's something you've been wanting to draw lately? Addendum: draw it. Right now.
Oh gosh. There's so much, I can't think of just one at the moment /v\

7) Cocoa, coffee, tea, or cider?
:tea: ~

What's your Jung personality type?
I'm pretty sure I'm an INFP; Assertive; Diplomat
9) If you could spend the holidays in a different state/country, would you? With or without your family and/or friends?
Mm... depends on where it is. I'd definitely go with my family.

10) Can you, at some point today, force yourself to give a smile? I'm not asking you to do this for anyone but yourself, so feel free to just look in the bathroom mirror or something.
Heheh, that's not too hard to do. I smile/giggle quite a bit, although some days when my anxiety is running high it's a challenge and forcing myself to smile feels really fake.

1) Are you feeling cold right now?
2) What song has been stuck in your head lately?
3) Is there really a drastic difference between Ever After High and Monster High?
4) Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?
5) What was the last movie you watched and did you enjoy it?
6) What was the worst movie you've ever watched?
7) Any movies or books that you understand a lot better now than when you were a kid/first watched them?
8) Are you concerned more concerned about getting older or others getting older?
9) Do you speak more than one language? If so, what and how well?
10) Is there a genre of music you just cannot stand?

Hey guys~!
:iconsvestaluv: :iconhizakuru: :iconkukotte: :iconminish-mae: :iconvivaciousvonny: :iconkiwipeach: :icontguillot: :icontorchicked: :iconinfernonick: :iconctjamjelly:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Bon Jovi
  • Reading: Math Textbook
  • Watching: Teen Titans
  • Playing: PKMN X
  • Drinking: Water


The Eeveelutions by Bluekiss131

My Critique: You did a good job drawing this eeveelutions in a way that reminds me of the Ken Sugimori style. Blending could use a bit ...

Over the sun by Seelenwald

First of all this is a beautifully colored piece. The violet and yellow have a lovely contrast between each other. The flow is good and...

Fennekin by NemiruTami

Oh! The nostalgia of a new generation! It's not hard to tell why Fennekin is such a crowd favorite. The little guys a super fluffy fox ...

Oil Painting// Morsi practice by tguillot

Good use of color and contrast. Oil paint can be a difficult medium, but you seem to be quite at ease using it. The usage of light and ...

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