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I hope to become a children's book author for SPED kids.
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Ed: Curious and still carefully, the Aron entered the tent. It was his first time seeing such a show - sure, there have been some circus-shows back at home too, but he was always too busy working. But since he have done everything he could do for now... Edward just walked right to the first row of seats and sat down. His big blue eyes observing the whole tent. Even if you couldn't tell by the mask or in general, the Aron was excited. Nervously he grabbed a piece of scrap and chewed on it. Wondering who else will join the show...

Jeremiah: The timing couldn’t of been more perfect. Upon arriving on the small island, the jumpluff had been through a mild culture shock. Everything was drastically different from back in Jhoto, and the lack of actual electricity had confused him slightly. After changing into his new clothes that have been provided courteously of the local seamstress at the local Inn, he happened to spot flyers and rumors of a huge circus going on. Hot damn! Anything with performing in it is good enough for him! Upon entering the tent, however, it was too dark for his eyes to properly adjust to. So he did what he usually did when traversing the lamp-less nights in Ecruteak City: use his dazzling gleam on himself. The gleam only lasted a few seconds on himself, but it was enough to move his gleaming, sparkling body to find a seat close enough to see all the acts going on.

???: "Bonne nuit mes amis! Je souhaite vous aimez l'exhibition. Ah, this evening you will have the exquisite pleasure of bearing witness to a never before seen, never again performed spectacle of daring aerial maneuvers, passionate dance, and overall an experience that will leave you agog. Take your seats if you haven't already, and resist the urge to jump up in excitement during the show. (For your saftely, of course. If you're burned we really can't blame anyone but you fufufu)"

Smoke rolls out and the already atmospheric lighting seems to dim. In the murk, a shadowed figure lithely somersaults their way to center-stage, where immediately a ring of candles increase in intensity, and there Circe stands atop a platform of sorts. The light pinkish hue given off by the unique flames creat an almost childish air, and she takes a grand bow with a large smile across her face.

Circe: "And without further ado, Le Magnifique Candlelight Exhibition des Madame Circe~!"

Cher: The zoroark gasped with delight seeing that the performance was about to begin. "Thank goodness," she breathed. She had been scared that they might've been missing the opening act. "C'mon Nakia the show's about to start!" she whispered excitedly, dragging her best friend behind her as she ran up to grab a seat towards the front.

Nakia: "I'm right behind you," she hissed, though she didn't slow her pace as being dragged along tends not to allow such behaviour. She glanced up at the leavanny curiously, however, and only broke her gaze to look down at the seats her friend had chosen. "Of course it's the front," she mumbled with a slight smile to herself.

Cassius: The noivern slipped in and quickly took a seat, not looking for any company prior. He was very used to attending events alone, and this was no exception. He held his phone underneath his cape coat, ready to take notes if he so found the desire to.

Draven: As the Houndoom quietly entered the tent, he watched Circe make her big entrance. Well, that was what he was here for after all... Her show. Clearly he wasn't the only one. Why would he be? Such a silly thought. He snapped back to reality when Armani, the Murkow perched upon his shoulder pecked at his mask; causing the houndoom to give him a little pioke in response. "Impatient thing, aren't you..." He mumbled, as he made his way overt to take a seat closer to the back.

Ed: As the show seemed to start, the Aron took off the hat. He was already impressed with this entrance since he hadn't seen anything like that before. Even tensed up, Edward didn't seem to be noticed by anyone else again. Not that he would mind. With a sigh, he relaxed a little more and leaned back. It was weird for the Aron just... to sit there and watch. He was used to do things to keep himself occupied. Curiously he peeked up when noticing a shadow to his side when a... seemingly a Noivern took place right next to him. Edward just nodded silently to them, actually not daring to speak since the show has started already. The Noivern propably wouldn't have noticed him anyway...

Heidi: Heidi could not stop licking her candy scepter. Good thing her Mutter made her an extra candy scepter. As the light dimmed, Heidi started paying half of her attention to the stage. And a fourth on her candy.

Circe: Once the audience appears to be fully settled—or perhaps not; it was of no consequence—the ringmaster raises her scythes and the smoke and flames respond in turn, completely shrouding Circe's figure until she has become nothing more than a silhouette. Promptly, new shapes appear near the edges of the stage and contort to create a carnival scene, of which Circe twirls through and begins the tale of a child and their stuffed doll's experience of grandeur at the various sights and sounds. The candles flicker with each maneuver, and Circe appears to defy physics with her dance, practically performing a night's worth of material in a relatively short span of time. In her narrative, she tamed feral pyroar, which breathed a spectacular pinkish flame; she performed acrobatic feats that very nearly ended in disaster; a cage of doom; a group of clowns; and a long segment of fire dancing. All the while, the audience was kept up to date with the child's reactions, and how they seemed to convey their excitement to their stuffed companion. All in all, it was a very sweet tale, indeed.

Binah: As the candlelight in the big top dimmed, and Circe's performance began, Binah felt a coil of excitement in her stomach. She really loved a good performance. Her gaze strayed from the spectacle before her as she noticed two familiar silhouettes in the front row, just a few rows ahead of hers. She smiled as she recognized the pair. Holding her caramel apple in her mouth, she stood, keeping her head low, and began climbing over the chairs in front of her, making her way towards the first row and leaving a trail of disgruntled mumbling behind her. "Yoo~" she whispered, plopping down in the empty chair next to Cher, and giving her and Nakia a wave as a burst of pink flames erupted from the middle ring, briefly illuminating their faces.

Cher: Cher eyes widened as she watched the spectacle unfold before her. The illusion seemed to be like a life-sized shadow puppet play of sorts, only with 'mons contorting their bodies to create each aspect of the scene. Her ears pricked just about when Madame Circe was about to tame the ferocious pyroar. Turning around she saw that Binah made the performance, but hey better late than never, right? "Binah!" she whispered, reaching over to hug her friend. "Ah~ I'm so glad you were able to make it!" Seeing the sudden flash of pink light, she quickly returned her attention to the center ring and was completely mesmerized by the pink flames. It was so pretty. The pyromania was definitely strong with this one.

Cassius: As the show commenced, Cassius audibly gasped and swore under his breath as he furiously tapped away at his device while keeping his eyes peeled on the spectacle, 'shadow dance È impressive special effects È unsure how many workers È circusception È child narrative' and other quick notes of that ilk. His brow furrowed in concentration under his mask as he resisted the urge to just record the thing. Performers didn't take kindly to that, understandably.

"How... does she..." he started to mumble at the pyroar, which were not pyroar but simply silhouettes? Circe almost appeared to be teleporting across the stage, as well. He watched, utterly bewildered and somewhat unsure as to how the dang thing was plausible.

Draven: He would be lying if he said he wasn't impressed by the performance. He had never seen anything like it... As he leaned to and fro on his cane which was positioned firmly in front of him, he felt a... Shiver..? On his shoulder... Looking over, he noticed the Murkrow he carried with him looking FREAKED OUT. It quickly hopped down and in to the houndoom's lap, angrily staring towards the stage. "...Really now..? Not so tough when you see some sparks and lights..." The houndoom mumbled, before Armani pecked his stomach just to show what he thought of the man's jest.

Ed: He didn't even blinked once as the show was getting more and more spectacular. How did he missed such things in the past! Excited, the Aron started to teeter in his seat. Something to nosh would have been nice to keep his jaw busy! Unfortunately, Edward totally forgot about that. And he couldn't just start to eat his own custom, right? Somewhat nervous he looked around till a familiar scent hit his nose. Sure, it was weak and all that fog and fire and light didn't helped him to focus, but Edward would always notice metal! The Aron turned around to the Noivern, the scent surely coming from him. More out of instinct, Edward leaned up to Cassius' ear, removing the mask from his face and started to sniff deeply. Aah, yes~ Fine material in beautiful shape. Ed took another deep sniff, alone the scent was tantalizing to let him dream about the junkyard he had home...

Circe: Suddenly, the child becomes the sole subject, as they playfully dance with their companion among the carnival stalls. The music that has been cheerfully accompanying the performance grows somber. A taller figure appears and beckons, causing the child to cease. Her doll is tossed aside as she skips towards the edge of the stage.

However, before she can disappear from view, the crumpled doll twists and contorts until it is upright. Its silhouette slowly becomes more defined until the audience can regocnise Circe herself as she slowly lifts one of the candles. With a quick motion, she slashes the flame out, a twisted smile visible from her profile. Immediately, the child and parent fall to the floor. Without hesitation, she does one final twirl and dims the remainder of the candles. The smoke appears to recede as well, and silence befalls the Big Top for a moment.

Dakota: As we all know, Dakota isn't the brightest bulb in the box. She's always easily distracted, especially being a cat nearly anything that moves catches her eye. What the problem with this was, she had completely lost track of time and ended up arriving late to view the big performance. As she ran towards the tent, she was silently berating herself in her head for getting distracted so easily by the various tents around the big top. She hurried as fast as her paws could carry her, and quickly made her way in, not really realizing she could be causing noise and distracting the other viewers. Not that she cared much. She wanted to view the show, she could care less about the others. As she steps in, she see's Circe in the middle of a performance, and glances around for a seat, before seeing a very familiar Houndoom dressed as a bird. She quietly slips into a seat next to him, attempting to god undetected, til she watches the performance go on, until the Leavanny slashes the two performers and they fall limp the ground. Now this spooks Dakota, not realizing they're probably performers or puppets of some sort. She gives a slight shriek and grabs onto one of Draven's arm's instinctively, before realizing that... it's just an act. She calms down a bit, but doesn't let go of the Houndoom just yet.

Draven: Draven watched the performance intently, being... A little shocked by it, to say the least. He jumped in his seat; not from the performance of course, but from something GRABBING HIS ARM. He then looked to his side, and made out the form of... OF... Dakota. Wrapped around his arm tightly. He let out a slight sigh of relief, knowing it wasn't something... Ya'know. Worse. He was still being gripped by Dakota though, hence the sigh of slight relief. The murkrow in his lap pecked at his arm and let out a small squawk, as the houndoom felt the curse of redness fill his cheeks, oh joy. At least his mask hid it from the cat's view. "A-ah.... Dakota, you startled me- didn't even notice you... Really, you mustn't scare me like that..."

Jeremiah: Jerry watched in pure awe. The dance work was so mesmerizing to him that it made him wishing he was with them, performing. Unconsciously, he moved his seating to be behind a zoroark and her friends. Upon seeing the child and parent fall, he mumbled, “Arceus, did they just die?..”

Circe: "WE ARE NOT DONE YET!" her voice resounds as she reappears near the front rows, the stage lit anew. She steps lightly around the border, then jumps back and gestures to the audience with open arms, "I wish to extend an invitation to YOU to join in on our next segment~! A show of hands? Benevoles? Volunteers?"

Heidi: Heidi raise her hand immediately without knowing what she was volunteering for.

Binah: Binah returned her friend's quick embrace, grinning as the Zoroark's attention was quickly brought back to the performance. Following Cher's lead, she gave the dazzling shadow act her full attention. She gasped in delight as the silhouettes contorted and danced in the fog. As the music grew somber and the two figures collapsed to the ground, her face twisted in confusion. A voice behind her caught her interest and she turned her head to see a Jumpluff around her age. "I. Yeah. They totally just died." She watched with interest as the Ringleader stepped up, asking for volunteers. She thought about offering herself up, but for now, she was more interested in watching what was to unfold.

Dakota: Dakota gave a very unbecoming snort when Draven finally noticed her, and that he admitted to being startled by her. "Then maybe you should be more aware of your surroundings," she retorted back, but couldn't help but giggle at him. Suddenly she turned her head back at Circe as she spoke. She was asking for VOLUNTEERS? Dakota would be ecstatic to perform. She jumped up, pulling Draven up with her. She wasn't going to go alone after all. She grabbed the wrist of the arm she was clung too and raised their hands in unison, waving them about to get noticed. "PICK US!" she shouted to the Leavanny, attempting to get noticed. She didn't even wait to hear if Draven was for it or not, nor did she ask.

Cassius watched with fervor until he began to feel a presence to his right. He subconsciously shifted to his left while also trying to avoid being selected as a volunteer.

Draven: "W-w-wHAT." The Houndoom simple sputtered out, dropping his cane as the murkrow cawed and started flailing it's wings due to being tossed off Draven's lap. Ohhhh dear. Looks like if they got picked, that was it. He took a deep breath, and began regaining his composure... Now he just needed to pray this wasn't gonna kill him if they got picked.

Ed: Quickly, the Aron had came back to senses and left the Noivern alone - not even noticing once that he might be very rude. Edward just watched the dance curiously, not really understanding what was happening. He was not... the cultural guy. He didn't even understood that the performers eventually died. But when the Leavanny asked for volunteers, he just stood up silently, slowly raising one arm. Being part of the show would probably be fun. Not that she would notice him anyway...

Circe: "YOU! There in the back," she points, "the gothitelle and her partner~! Come on down to the stage."

Ed: With a little sigh, Edward sat back again. Well, he didn't expected something different. At least he tried for once, right? Now, he actually just picked a little piece of his costume and started to nibble on it. Guess he will just enjoy the rest of the show then.

Dakota: Dakota squealed in excited when the Leavanny pointed to her and Draven. She wrapped her arm around his once more and began to ran down to the stage, dragging him along with her.

Draven:  "Oh dear..." The houndoom muttered before he was swiftly dragged by Dakota, knowing there was no way he was getting out of this one. Armani tried to hop back on to his shoulder, but didn't make it... Instead, he decided to sit on the cane Draven had left behind.

Circe: Once they reach the stage she begins, "Allons donc! Let's have some fun~" She hands the meowth and houndoom each one of the small black and white candles. They immediately flare up before Circe motions her scythes down and commands, "Chut, chut."

"These," she says addressing the two firstly, then the audience, "are what I like to call Soul Candles. They've got a pretty pink flame that'll never go out unless someone really wants it to. Now..." she smiles warmly at her volunteers, "what shall we call you?"

Dakota: Dakota was completely blind to Draven's unwillingness to perform with her. Mostly because she was far too focused on actually being on stage in front of a crowd. She was overly excited, what could you say. Happily she accepted the candle, haphazardly listening to the Leavanny as she spoke. She was far more mesmerized by the experience at hand, and by the little candle in her hands. "Oh!" she looked up at Circe. "I'm Dakota," she replied with a grin, again focused on herself and figured Draven should introduce himself, actually letting him do something for once.

Draven: He wasn't happy about this... It was far out of his comfort zone, but... I mean, how else would he get more confident in life. He accepted the candle, cupping it in his hands TIGHTLY after she explained what it was. "Oh... Draven, Ma'am." He simply said, looking from the candle to Dakota every few seconds. What in the world could she be getting at with these..? He was both afraid, and intrigued...

Binah: The Vulpix leaned forward, studying the candles in the pair's hands for a moment. The pink flames certainly were pretty, flickering in the dim light. She leaned back, turning to her companions. "'Unless someone really wants it to?' Well that certainly doesn't sound ominous, eh?" she joked.

Cher: "Oui," she chuckled, watching the pink cat and her boyfriend holding their soul candles. She was a bit disappointed that she hadn't gotten picked, but it looked like this was going to be really fun to watch. And with that in mind, Cher leaned forward to get a better look at the flickering candles that seemed to have a magical quality about them.

Heidi: Without paying attention Heidi realized her hand was still up. Not really sure where this was going she went to the concessions to get so cotton candy.

Jeremiah: The jumpluff nodded, sort of eavesdropping into the Vulpix’s conversation. “Yeah, it does.” He whispered. “It would be a shame if someone tried to put out the flames.”

Nakia: "... Most suspect," she mumbled in agreement with crossed arms. Her eyes narrowed while she awaited further interaction.

Heidi: While eating her cotton candy she couldn't remember were she sat. "Where I do I sit? This doesn't look like the place I was before." She said looking confused

Circe: "Dakota, Draven; first of all I want to express my genuine pleasure in welcoming the lovely couple on stage," she turns to the audience for support, "Oui?"

"Mhmm, first hold your candles at arms' length dearies. We'll start off simple." She pulls out a deck of cards and flips one up, "here we are, a spade, see?" the ringmaster displays the card first to the audience and then to her volunteers, "And now—" Circe then holds it directly above Dakota's candle, where it promptly catches fire. She snatches it back, shakes it, and lo! "Now we have a diamond!"

"You, Draven, try with your own card, hmm?" she offers her deck out to the houndoom. "We'll see what happens depending on the card you choose~"

Dakota: Dakota simply giggled at the 'couple' remark. She wasn't phased by it all, to be honest. Though she could only guess how it was going to affect Draven, but she was a bit too mesmerized by what Circe was doing to really pay attention to him in this moment. She stared in awe as the card changed it's shape. She was a little jealous Draven would get to do it himself, but happily went along with the act, glancing over at Draven to watch what he would do.

Draven: "C-couPle..?" Draven said, his voice actually cracking a little. He didn't falter however, taking a deep breath and regaining his clearly frail composure as fast as he could. After seeing the card change, he tilted his head. ...Magic..? No, surely there was some way she pulled it off. He then grabbed a card from the deck, looking at it. Before hesitating, he let it to the fire.

Circe: "Ah ah, you mustn't leave it in for too long. Pull it out and here we see... a heart! Now what was the card you originally had?"

Draven: The houndoom looked at the card from all angles, just... Not really being able to comprehend how she did it. "...It was clubs... M-Ma'am." He uttered, standing back up straight.

Circe: "Bonne, bonne! As expected," she snatches the card back, "But do not put a heart into the flames burning love, as they say, is not always a thing we want to take literally. Non! If we play with the hearts then—" she slaps the card then shows it off, "—we are des bouffons; the fool."

"Moving on, oui," she announces, pocketing the deck of cards and turning to walk towards the audience once again, "We would like to see a little more than cheap card tricks though, non? Do you suppose the two would be willing to dance for us?"

"Just stand close and do a slight twirl, if you would, holding your candles so that they are in the outermost ring," she tells the two. "It is imperative the candles surround you and not the other way around."

Dakota: More giggles from Dakota. But she was still quite impressed by Circe's stage presence. Somewhat jealous to be honest. She'd have to at least take some knowledge away from this experience and put it to her own use. When Circe suggested her and Draven dance, Dakota was totally for it. She had to show off something and not just stand there the whole time. Though the way Circe described the actual dance didn't sound all that interesting, but she was still willing to go along with it. She took a step so she'd be standing in front of Draven instead, holding her candle out and her other arm laid a top his shoulder. She giggled again, and waited for Draven to take... some sort of lead, which is what she'd expect from him.

Binah: "Hmmm." Binah muttered, eyes narrowed, as she focused on the Ringleader. Where is this going? The suspense was terrible, the firefox on the edge of her seat as the pair stepped towards each other in preparation. She took a bite from her apple, wiped the juice from her chin with the back of her hand, and rested her head on her hands, practically bouncing in anticipation.

Draven: Dance. Oh. Oh. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't having flashbacks to the time him and Dakota danced in the past and... Had an... 'Unfortunate' spill, to say the least. Well, again, he didn't have really much of a say in the matter at this point. He had to follow through. "A-alright..." He felt a chill go up his spine when Dakota's arm was laid upon him, but he returned the gesture and began to lead just as Circe had described nonetheless.

Circe: "ohoho bonne, bonne!" The flames grew as Dakota and Draven continued their dance, enveloping the pair. Before long, they appeared to be dancing in a mass of the pink flames and then— "The real magic~!"

Circe swept her arm wide to present the spectacle to her audience as the duo begin to float upwards. "And our partners soar. What say you: are they doing well?" The floor of flames seem to flicker in response

Dakota: Dakota wasn't paying much attention to Draven or how she was dancing, luckily it wasn't anything intricate just spins. She watched the flames grow and they spun and spun, and suddenly they were up in the air. "Woooah," she looked down and around at the crowd, then turned to finally face Draven. "This is pretty amazing huh?" she asked with a grin. Especially since now everyone was look /at her./ That was her favorite part.

Cher: The card tricks prior were somewhat intriguing, but this. This was something else entirely. This was not some sort of cheap illusion consisting of smoke and mirrors. These two were actually floating? Cher's mouth opened to ask how Circe was even doing this, but then promptly closed it and shook her head grinning. Magic. Magic was the only explanation for what was going on before her eyes. How could it possibly be anything else?

Cassius: At this point the noivern had discontinued his note-taking and instead looked on with high skepticism and awe. He looked closely for any sign of strings or other such props that would explain, that would suspend his belief but found none. As such, his brow furrowed ever further. It's a good thing he was donning a mask, otherwise his grotesque frowning might have caught someone off guard.

Draven: Draven was freaked out but the two suddenly lifting from the safety of the ground... He tried not to panic however... It was pretty... But... He was more or less kept calm by the possibility that he could hurt himself if their little dance faulter. "A-AmazING!? U-erhm... Y-yeah, I guess it is..."

Binah: Binah's eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open in an awestruck smile. "No way!" She thought back to high school, when she played one of the lost boys in the school's production of Peter Pan. Then they had used a system of ropes and pulleys to make the actors 'fly.' But this? No. This was something else entirely. The pair seemed to float effortlessly, with no indication that they were being suspended by cables. "How?" she whispered, loud enough for the group around her to hear, though the question was aimed at no one in particular.

Cher: The vixen turned around to her exasperated friend with a wide cheeky grin on her face. "Well obviously it's magic~ I mean, what else could it possibly be?"

Binah: Glancing at Cher out of the corner of her eye, Binah smirked. "Y'know, I was gonna try to argue it, but after everything that's gone down on the crazy a** island, this actually seems pretty plausible." She decided not to think too hard about it, and instead just take it for face value. Why try and ruin the magic?

Dakota: Dakota was having quite a bit of fun going around and around up above everyone else. She laughed, as their dancing got faster and faster. Though, this made it harder and harder for a klutzy cat to keep up, and one wrong step... sent her tumbling backwards. She grabbed ahold of Draven in attempt to stop herself, but considering the fact they were floating to begin with that probably wasn't a great idea, and probably began to pull him along with her. She had no idea if she was going to stay afloat or fall to the ground, but she braced herself for the latter. She hoped her cat like reflexes would kick in and should be able to land on her feet if that was the case... though that hardly ever seemed to be the case.

Draven: Well... After staying afloat for a little, it... Wasn't too bad. Actually... It was kinda fun..! Draven was actually managing to enjoy something he was afraid of not too long ago. He wis- oh Arceus what was pulling him backwards. No. Anything but that, pLEASE NO. PLEASE. Dakota had messed up; tripped or something, and he was going down with her... If they were even gonna fall. If they did, he would try his best to take a majority of the impact... But, he hoped the 'magic' or whatever was at play would lend them a helping hand...

Circe: The ringmaster frowns up at the two before she somersaults underneath them, using string shot to transfer a handful of extra candles closer to their position. Her ring constructed, she twists her arms round and looks to be directing a thin band of the flames towards her guests, whose prior support had faltered and all but vanished.

Dakota and Draven land one atop the other onto the new platform. Circe stands and watches them descend for a moment before she turns back to the audience, a wide smile across her face, "A round of applause for our daring couple!"

Dakota: Dakota began to flail as she felt her body starting to fall. Yep the magic wasn't going to keep her in place. The candle she was once clutching wasn't important now, so she let go of it and grabbed ahold of Draven as they fell. She was surprised when the fall was shorter than expect, as she opened her eyes she saw she'd landed on top of Draven, still somewhat above the ground. She figured Circe had to of done something but she'd completely missed it. She was kind of glad when Circe had acted like it was part of the act. She definitely didn't want to be embarrassed in front of this crowd. Not like it was her fault. The dumb magic spell whatever must've worn off or something, she thought to herself. Of course she didn't want to blame herself. She just sort of stayed their on top of Draven, not really caring or minding to move. Especially after /that./ She was perfectly content to stay right where she was unless she was told or forced to move.

Draven: Oh no... Falling... Falling.. Landed..? It was certainly a lot less painful than he had remembered. Incredibly so... In fact, he actually felt pretty comfortable and warm as is. WH- oh damn it's because Dakota was on top of him. "U-uhm..." Flashbacks to that dance once more. She didn't seem to be getting up... Well, maybe he should..? No, it would be rather rude to unceremoniously shove her to the side... He would just try to wait for her to get up... Hopefully his face wouldn't stay that red permanently after this long of it being exactly that...

Circe: She steps over to retrieve Dakota's abandoned candle and waits until they've reached the ground. She dusts the thing off and holds it out for the meowth to retrieve, "Do take care of your Soul Candle, oui? But now, a bow—your marvelous dancing duo, Steam residents!" When the bow is finished, Circe adds, "Do feel free to take your own candles~ We've plenty, and they burn terrifically."

Dakota: Dakota just kind of stares up at the Leavanny, a slight look of annoyance, but sits up and takes the candle from her. When Circe asks them to bow, that's enough to get Dakota up, she stands and takes a bow of her own, almost completely forgetting the situation that had happened previously, simply enjoying the spotlight for the moment.

Draven: He actually lie there for a few more seconds after the Meowth had stood up... He eventually did haul himself in to a standing position weakly, doing a little wave before beginning to make his way back to his seat to retrieve what he had left behind. The Murkrow had this smug look upon it's beak when it's master returned, and draven simply looked at him and mumbled; "...I wonder what murkrow stew would taste like. How about you?" Let's just say Armani quickly returned to his typical self afterwards. Cane in hand and companion on shoulder, he began to make his way out... Not before saying farewell to Dakota, ofcourse. "Hey... Ah... Dakota... Goodnight, I guess... That was certainly..." He froze for a second, his jaw hanging open mid sentence. "...Interesting, to say the l-least... I do hope you enjoy the rest of your evening, though."

Dakota: After everything was said an done, Dakota began to happily skip towards the exit, candle in hand. Regardless of what happened she had quite a bit of fun. She saw Draven near the exit though, and he gave his farewells. "Oh, goodnight~" she said with a smile and a giggle. "Yes it was... something," she said with a smirk. She waved a final wave before heading off to... who knows where, knowing her. Probably off to spend some more time around the circus.

Binah: Applauding with the rest of the crowd, Binah turned to her friends as the lights began to brighten in the tent and the spectators began to stir, "Hey, free stuff. I love free stuff. Whaddaya say we go get our paws on some of those candles?" She stood and jumped the barrier separating them from the rings, walking over to the large circle of candles that still stood in the middle of the performance area and choosing one for herself, watching the flame flicker.

Draven: With everything said and done... Draven just figured he would go home. Nothing better than a nice night of sleep... RIght? He then began to make his way out of the area; somehow managing to balance Armani, the cane, AND a live fire with ease. Well, Armani was sitting on his shoulder, so that helped, but still... Onwards to his humble abode.

Cher: Cher had watched in horror as the dancing duo nearly fell to their deaths or some sort of terrible accident, and judging by the expression on Circe's face she could tell that this was not part of her act. Thankfully Circe acted quickly and saved the dancing couple from such an unfortunate accident by summoning a cloud of pink flame to catch their fall. Cher heartily got up and applauded the breathtaking performance. Cher grinned at the firefox's suggestion. "Free stuff is good~ Allons-y Nakia!"

And with that being said she jumped the barrier as well and made her way to grab a soul candle. Holding one in her hands, her eyes softened and watched the magical pink flame flicker like a tiny dancer. To think that she was allowed to take such an enchanting thing home with her!

Nakia: "Oi, no need to tell me twice," she smiled and followed suit. She scrutinized the candle she had selected from the ground. It glowed calmly under her gaze then flickered almost violently before returning to an almost subdued flame. She tilted her head slightly, then returned to her friends' sides, gently cradling the object in her hands. A memento to last, and a shared one as well.
PKMN-Steam: Candlelight Exhibition Event RP Log
5,997 (6K) words Long Event RP is long /v\

But it was pretty fun, and I'd like to give a big thank you to the members that came even if it was just for a short bit~!

Cher belongs to me
Ed belongs to fluwe
Draven belongs to R3R4LJ
Binah belongs to Chai-Leaf
Dakota belongs to DrDoomy
Jeremiah belongs to DigiC300
Heidi belongs to svestaluv
Circe, Nakia, and Cassius belong to VirtualManectric

How do status updates even work? It sounds like what happens in Facebook, but where does it appear on your profile page? As a journal or something? o3o here's to finding out

Anyways, what do you guys think of the new updates? By far it is the most drastic change since I've been on dA, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I like seeing the collections a deviations been featured in when I glance at the side. More current art is better than just general art from a deviant's entire time on dA. At least it is in my opinion. I've had so many current deviations featuring my old PMD comic from years ago, making me go "No don't look at that please, omg". I'm not ashamed of it, I just... it just doesn't show the level my art is at right now. ^^;

The sudden shift of tabs are unsettling and are going to get some getting used to. I do like having daily deviations up at the top now though. But I don't think I'm ever going to see the deviant of the week/month, polls, and stuff like that anymore since my inbox/feed is going to swell so much. /v\
PKMN-Steam: Lovebug by eternanyx
PKMN-Steam: Lovebug
Last but not least is the loverly Esmerelda!

She and Ammon are doing a couple costume thing, and so she's going as an Illumise while he's going as a Volbeat. Yes, we're a lot of bug-type themed costumes this year. :iconimsotiredplz: I really like Illumise, so I wanted to see what they were based off of to see if it would give me any ideas for Esme's costume. Apparently Volbeat and Illumise have a 1950s kind of theme (which funny enough is the era I draw inspiration for Esme's classy outfits), so I did a bit of searching on Pintrest for vintage girdles and hair styles. Since the outfit's kinda on the skimpy side, Esme's gonna have to wear her leather jacket or steal Ammon's when they're out and about at the cirque.


Pose referenced from Karma-Manipulation

Esme is also available for Event RPs
PKMN Steam: Pumpkinhead by eternanyx
PKMN Steam: Pumpkinhead
Annie's really into stuff like haunted houses/corn mazes and stuff like that, so I went with a scary theme for her. Or well, at least as scary as I could make it. A headless cowboy seemed like it would work for her. l'D Wasn't really sure about making the pumpkin a mask, but this way there is a possibility of her losing her head. *shot*


If you wanna RP with my steampunk farmgirl feel free to hit me up with a note or find me in chat ^^
Well :iconpizzapotatonbacon: tagged me for this meme and hoped that I'd do Cher

These are the rules:
- Pick a character to reply to the questions.
- You can ignore up to 3 questions if they're too spoiler-ish.
- Tag 5 people yourself.

PKMN-Steam: Dreamer by eternanyx


"Cher Chassier."

"I just turned eighteen last month. ;P"

"Ah... well I was born July 27. I don't really know where I was born. For all I know my maman had me during her travels in Unova."



"My maman is the only blood relative I know of, and I take care of her since she's infirm. She was a fantastic storyteller known as Le Conteur de Contes when I was younger."


"Non, I'm an only child. Err... as far as I know that is."

"Probably my maman. What sort of question is that?"


"I love my maman with all my heart."


"...well I used to be scared to death of psychic-types, particularly members of the Gothorita family and the move psychic. But now I would have to say forgetting who I am, who my friends and maman are, and everything that's happened to me. Sure, there are some things I would love to forget, but all of it's made me who I am today. Without it, I'm pretty much just a shell."

"My best friend Nakia is awesome! Unless you mean who I like-like. In that case... it would have to be this one guy who's a stubborn jerk, but he makes me laugh and can be decent from time to time" ^^;

"Lot's of things trouble my mind when I'm alone, mostly they're about my maman. How I'm going to take care of everything. Am I going to make enough to support Maman, my elderly pet, M. Tetu, and myself? What am I going to do if Maman's condition becomes worse? What if something happens to Maman and I'm not around to help her? What would happen if something happens to me, and I can't take care of her?"


"I have... a lot of bad memories from when I was younger. One was when I was taken away from my maman. Another was a lonely night, months that had felt like years after my separation from my maman, feeling forgotten and confused. Many are the nightly visitations I would receive from Seren, where she'd have 'fun' and 'play' with me..."

"I've moved on, but I'll never forget my memories."



"I'm usually alone during hard times, but lately my friend Nakia's been supporting me."

"She's rather observant of something being off, and offering--well more like demanding the cause of it in her 'own special way'. Nakia's a pretty good listener and offers to help in any way she can, like helping me get over my crippling fear of psychic-types."


"Non. Like I said earlier, I love my maman with all my heart. True, I stress about her a lot, but I spent so much of my life without her, that I don't want to lose her again... or more than I already have."

"Sometimes I'll go with my maman into the Pendulum Forest and we'll weave flower chains, or she rests her head on my lap and I'll tell her the stories she told moi when I was little."

"I've made several close friends on Steam such as Nakia, Gale, Griffon, and Binah."



"Well my dream's already come true. To find a place that feels like home and where I belong. :)"


"I have a lot of happy memories on Steam, but my happiest would have to be the day all my friends got together and had gotten me a piece of cake for a belated birthday celebration."

"Uhh... maybe? Je ne sais pas."

"...I think I'd like to have kids someday, but not now."

"I'd like to open up an Upcycled store, where I can sell crafts like decorations and jewelry that I made out of stuff people don't really want anymore or can't figure out what to do with."


(You don't have to do this, but if you do then that would be cool.)
I tag whomever wants to do this
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The Eeveelutions by Bluekiss131

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Over the sun by Seelenwald

First of all this is a beautifully colored piece. The violet and yellow have a lovely contrast between each other. The flow is good and...

Fennekin by DrawerElma

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Oil Painting// Morsi practice by tguillot

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