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~Hello and welcome to my page~
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

DA Names
Eterna or Nyx

Random Facts About Me
I am a christian.
I learned how to draw from my dad and inherited his doodling habit.
I love to read and solve riddles.
I'm the older sister of two munchkins.
I'm a dork and proud of it.
I love to help people out.
I hope to become a children's book author for SPED kids.
Currently studying to become a SPED teacher/ABA Therapist
(This is apt to change)
My sense of humor is (very) questionable at times.
I will never get too old for Pokemon.
I have a varied taste in music, and can have up to 1000+ tracks on one playlist.
I love tea~ :tea:
I detest bullies and will not tolerate them.

Little Sister

Other Accounts

RP Group OC's
:bulletred: Cher :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Esmerelda :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: Marionette :bulletblack:
:bulletpurple: Masami :bulletpurple:
:bulletblue: Izzy :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Annie :bulletpink:
:bulletwhite: Bella :bulletwhite:
:bulletorange: Flannery :bulletorange:

:iconpachuuplz: I love to use icons so feel free to browse through my library.
Icon Library Part 1
Icon Library Part 2
Icon Library Part 3

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design
If I say something wrong, please feel free to correct me :)

Resources used from Gasara
Icon made with
Wow, it's been a whle since I've written a journal. ^^; Anyways let's feature some characters :dummy:

For the first 10 people  (Or well 5, since I commented on 5 people's journals already) who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters and give a reason why. I will go to your gallery and pick one character, you don't need to tell me which one.

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1) :iconvirtualmanectric: VirtualManectric
 The Heikal Siblings Yes, this is probably cheating but hush :shifty:

The Mischievous Cat Siblings by VirtualManectricTo Tell The Truth by VirtualManectric nak and cas headshots by VirtualManectric

I CAN'T CHOOSE BETWEEN THESE TWO! I love them both a lot, okay? :iconlazycryplz: Anyways these are Vir's wonderful and complex brother-sister duo from Steam. They're both fantastic in their own right, but contrast each other quite a bit. Where Nakia is cautious, often keeps to herself, and sophisticated (or at least presents herself to be, the lady's table manners are atrocious), Ammon is pretty daring, friendly, and kinda scruffy. While they have pretty different approaches to and outlooks on scenarios, they share a few similarities such as a wariness to developing close relationships. It's lots of fun seeing the two interact with each other, but there are some pretty tender-hearted moments with these two and you can tell how much family means to them.

2) :iconxxatakowanaxx: XxAtakowanaxX

 Steam Resident: Griflet Hygelac by XxAtakowanaxX[EE] Don't eat the Mushrooms by XxAtakowanaxX Chibis by XxAtakowanaxX
It should be illegal to be that fluffy. >-> Griffon is one of those characters that is naturally childish and can't help but be super adorable. I mean look at this :stare: But there are more reasons of why I love Grif besides being a massive and somewhat naive cutie. Being half-deaf, his misinterpretations of what others are saying can be pretty funny. Plus he has a pretty good sense of direction and if you're going on an adventure, you certainly would want him to go with you. Nothing deters him and he's an eager learner willing to give anything a try.

3) :iconpizzapotatonbacon: PizzaPotatoNBacon
PS: Trio Of Jerks by PizzaPotatoNBacon PS: Searching And Slipping by PizzaPotatoNBacon PS: 'Good day!' by PizzaPotatoNBacon
Oh Ollie. lD He used to be one of the original newcomers to Steam, but after a little revamp he and his sister Raquel came to Steam together last year during the Ghost Invasion. The new Ollie is rather different than his predecessor, and N did a good job developing his character. Oliver means well, but keeps finding himself getting into trouble i.e. knocking over an entire bookshelf over culinary books or picking a fight with a ghost pokemon much stronger than him. Oliver has a positive attitude that's pretty admirable (considering how often he's the target for pranks) and keeps going forward no matter what the odds are.

4) :iconhizakuru: Hizakuru

Tania's Friends by Hizakuru PKMN-Steam: Sketch Dump by Hizakuru PS Meme: Before Tania by Hizakuru
Oh gosh, Tania and her creator are such sweethearts. Tania is a bashful little bookworm and also happens to be one of my favorite pokemon, Espeon. While she isn't the strongest or bravest 'mons she sure has a pretty big heart, and cares about everyone she meets. I find it amusing how Tania became BFFs with one of the biggest loudmouths on the island, Madison. While they seem to be polar opposites, they help bring out each others strengths and support each other which is all one can really ask of a friendship, right?

5) :icondreamingmystic: DreamingMystic

Finger Paint by DreamingMystic Flower Time by DreamingMystic Farm Zoology Assignment by DreamingMystic
So many bright and beautiful colors :iconmermaid-plz: Anyways Mari was a character that used to be in PKMN-Crossing, but moved to PKMN-Armonia due to the group's closing. Mari is really cheerful, creative, and versatile character that loves to meet new people. Her dolls gave Mari a bit of a creepy factor, but it didn't take away from her as a character and instead added to it and gave her another layer. It was a lot of fun seeing Mari grow and develop in PKMN-Crossing, but I'm looking forward to what adventures she'll have in Armonia.

6):iconctjamjelly: ctjamjelly

Ask Fiametta Response #4: Everyone Loves Boobs by ctjamjelly EoD: Alice! Put me down! by ctjamjelly EoD: How Adorable by ctjamjelly
Between Iggy and Fiametta, I'd have to go with Fiametta. I like how her design deviates from the typical chandelure-ballgown gijinka and has a modern feel to it. Her background as a contest pokemon is pretty interesting and it's fun seeing how she's little bit of a diva/has a very strong vision of how things should go. I also liked seeing the character growth and development between her and Alice, and they went from being enemies to close friend. :)

7) :iconrika35: Rika35

 EoD: Sky Shenanigans by Rika35 EoD- ALICE by Rika35 HPM/EoD- Vent art by Rika35
Alice has her fair share of little quirks such as being obsessed with the color red and shiny objects, but in spite of this and what others may think of her, she knows exactly what she wants and refuses to let anything get in her way. After overcoming a bout of insecurity of being a cute, fluffy, and not-so-intimidating ducklett Alice's dream form transformed from a Murkrow to a Ducklett. I enjoy seeing her develop as a character and the wacky adventures she goes on.


The Eeveelutions by Bluekiss131

My Critique: You did a good job drawing this eeveelutions in a way that reminds me of the Ken Sugimori style. Blending could use a bit ...

Over the sun by Seelenwald

First of all this is a beautifully colored piece. The violet and yellow have a lovely contrast between each other. The flow is good and...

Fennekin by DrawerElma

Oh! The nostalgia of a new generation! It's not hard to tell why Fennekin is such a crowd favorite. The little guys a super fluffy fox ...

Oil Painting// Morsi practice by tguillot

Good use of color and contrast. Oil paint can be a difficult medium, but you seem to be quite at ease using it. The usage of light and ...

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