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~Hello and welcome to my page~
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

DA Names
Eterna or Nyx

Random Facts About Me
I am a christian.
I learned how to draw from my dad and inherited his doodling habit.
I love to read and solve riddles.
I'm the older sister of two munchkins.
I'm a dork and proud of it.
I love to help people out.
I hope to become a children's book author for SPED kids.
Currently studying to become a ABA Therapist
About as intimidating as cuddly fluff pie, but I have my moments
My sense of humor is (very) questionable at times.
I will never get too old for Pokemon.
I have a varied taste in music, and can have up to 1000+ tracks on one playlist.
I love tea~ :tea:
I detest bullies and will not tolerate them.

Little Sister

Other Accounts

RP Group OC's
:bulletred: Cher :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Esmerelda :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: Marionette :bulletblack:
:bulletpurple: Masami :bulletpurple:
:bulletblue: Izzy :bulletblue:
:bulletpink: Annie :bulletpink:
:bulletwhite: Bella :bulletwhite:
:bulletorange: Flannery :bulletorange:

:iconpachuuplz: I love to use icons so feel free to browse through my library.
Icon Library Part 1
Icon Library Part 2
Icon Library Part 3

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design
If I say something wrong, please feel free to correct me :)

Resources used from Gasara
Icon made with


PS: I Love You More than Coffee by eternanyx
PS: I Love You More than Coffee
And maybe chocolate ice cream~

I've been listening to Ammon&Esme's playlist on spotify all weekend and was in the mood to draw some fluff. So have a some fluff of Esme and her dorky husband, along with a few doodles of her with some of her favorite people at the Hideaway.

what are phalanges

Dorky Husband belongs to VirtualManectric
Angsty Tynamo belongs to PizzaPotatoNBacon
Snarky Barista belongs to Chai-Leaf

Poses referenced from Tasastock and various images on Pinterest

Pillar Academy: Basic Uniform by eternanyx
Pillar Academy: Basic Uniform
Pillar Academy's basic uniform that students will wear during missions.

While students are free to alter the uniform as they see fit, please try to stick to the basics.

Mask: Students must wear one to conceal their identity and prevent villains from tracking them down.
Squad Patch: The symbol identifies what squad the student is on. To find out what your squad symbol is please refer to this chart. Blue for Heroes and orange for Hero Supports.
Logo: Identifies that the students as Heroes-in-Training.
Gloves and/or Boots: These must be the same same color as the students affiliation: blue for Heroes and orange for Hero Supports.

A Purrloin, no taller than five feet, approaches you with a notebook and pen in hand. She wears a grin on her face, and asks for a quick interview with you. She says it's a "survey thing". You oblige, either by your choosing or by some mysterious force.

1 :: Alright, let's start. Your name?
The classy liepard looks away from her partner down to a rather familiar purrloin. Esme chuckles and shakes her head. Of course this was going to happen sooner or later. Leaning against her husband, she answers the aspiring journalist's first question "Esmerelda Heikal".

2 :: So, how long have you been here?
"Mm.. I'd say a little over a year, hon."

3 :: What brought you here to Steam in the first place?
She hesitates. "Let's just say that things weren't really working out for me, and this was my escape plan". Esme glances at her partner with a twinkle in her eyes continuing, "Knowing that Ammon and Kitten might've been here probably influenced my decision."

4 :: Any thoughts on it so far? Expectations met? Hopes fulfilled?
"Ah," Esmerelda laughs. "I seriously thought this was a cult, when I first heard about it from Kitten's note. I'm not entirely sure what I expected. However I was pretty sure I'd find Ammon and Kitten here, and I'm glad that hope was fulfilled," she murmurs, nuzzling into the scruffy liepard's shoulder.

5 :: Right. Now that you're here and most likely trapped since Captain Jetty hates bringing people back, what do you intend to do?
"Well..." she starts off slowly with a smile. "Since coming to Steam I've stopped serving liquor, opened up a coffee shop, fought off armies, and married my best friend. I'm not entirely sure what's going to come next, but I intend to weather through it and keep on going."

6 :: Speaking of bringing people back, where'd you come from anyway?
"Born and raised in Castelia City." She narrows her eyes at the interviewer, "I know you spied on me there every now and then, hon."

7 :: Would you say you have a family? If so, are they with you here, or did you have to leave them behind? Would you mind telling why?
"Excluding my parents, I do have a sister going to law school in Black City. Kitten left with her boyfriend for Hoenn after an unfortunate incident happened involving one of her friends. However," she continued squeezing Ammon's hand. "I do have my partner with me here."

8 :: I see. Have you met any people on the island yet? Made any friends?
"I meet a number of people that come into The Hideaway, but I've only really gotten to know a few of the regulars: Binah, Rory, and Cassius <s>Although he's not here with us anymore</s>.

9 :: What do you think of the residents in general?
"They're a bunch of weirdos, but then again aren't we all in some sense? They may be a motley bunch, however when adversity strikes the island we all seem to band together and stick through it."

10 :: Have you encountered any incidents on the island, if you haven't mentioned any before?
"There is so much crazy shit that goes down on this island. As soon as I arrived, the forsaken place was overrun with ghosts and all the islanders were fighting against a power-hungry villain and his spectral army. I was so done. Little did I know that was just a regular thing around here." Her expression grows solemn for a moment and she tightens her grip on Ammon. "There was an incident last year where a massive armaldo attacked Ammon, and.... I thought I was going to lose him. Thankfully there was a doctor on the island that was able to patch him up."

11 :: How many burning, falling flower pots have you encountered since your arrival?
"I can't say that I have encountered such a sight, but I wouldn't be surprised."

12 :: U-huh. So how old are you, if you don't mind sharing? Any people under the age of nineteen is eligible as a sacrifice to the chasm, just so you know.
"I turned 28 last year."

13 :: What do you think of the mural on the wall of the radio station?
"Oh that," Esme chuckled. "It's definitely something. You really should talk to the barista about that."

14 :: Let's say a Swirlix eats some cotton candy. Would you consider that cannibalism?
"What?" She narrows her eyes at Raquel, perplexed. "I.. suppose not, because the swirlix is not eating another swirlix."

15 :: What is your opinion on Steam's Roombas?
"They are very large and noisy."

16 :: Imagine one day, you wake up to a tornado tearing through Cog Village. But it's not just any tornado. It's a tornado full of SharkAlomomolas, ready to have people for lunch! What do you do?
"Stay inside and wait for it to pass. Drink a lot of coffee. If it hits my apartment, fight."

17 :: Do you know the muffin man, who lives on Cherry Lane? He may have Noibat wings and some Ponyta legs but he's a pretty cool dude. His muffins are divine. You should try them.
"No, I do not. He sounds interesting though," she answers rolling her eyes.

18 :: Are you in a romantic relationship? Or perhaps, interested in someone? If you are single and not in the aromantic spectrum, be wary of a young man. Meowth. Five feet and five inches tall. Has a goattee and tons of freckles. Tail tends to grab onto things without him knowing. Cheery demeanor. If approached, do not mention anything pertaining to your love life. This has been a public service announcement, thank you.
Esme grins and glances at her husband, who's looking at her mischievously. "What do you think, sug?"

19 :: Random question, but throwing it out there anyway: what kind of music do you listen to, if any at all? You should tune into STMY FM.
"Oh I love music," she responds with a gleam in her eyes. "My favorite genres would have to be the blues, rock, or jazz. Good music to dance and swing to."

20 :: If you had to pick between wrestling with an Ursaring and hopping over a pit full of spikes, which of the two would you rather do?
"I'd take my chances jumping over the pit. I've got pretty long legs and a lithe body to make it."

21 :: What do you think of our old as balls Mayor, Cornelius?
"That poor, poor man. Bit of a stiff, but he seems to do his best to keep Cog Village running."

22 :: This question's from a friend: have you found the closet to Narnia?
"No. Although I have heard about it, and it's a wardrobe, not a closet."

23 :: If you could, would you change up your current sort of outfit, be it temporarily or permanently? Even an accessory change counts.
"I love changing up my clothes for the occasion unlike a certain someone I know," she says glaring at Ammon. "I love anything with bows, lace, ruffles, and black. However there are a few accessories that I wear pretty much every day: my wedding ring, choker, and this lovely winged ammonite fascinator Ammon made me."

24 :: Do you think consuming large amounts of sweets and pastries every day would greatly shorten the life span of a young lady?
"Well it's always good to moderate accordingly, but I don't think it would greatly shorten her life span."

25 :: Would you say you're talented in something, or in multiple things? If so, kindly list any of them down.
"Oh I'd say that I'm rather talented. My talents include, but are not limited to singing, dancing, focusing, speaking, subterfuge, and mixing drinks."

26 :: What's your type? I can't actually see much of you through my bangs. Please be a water type.
"Dark," she says regarding the purrloin with concern.

27 :: And now, your moves? Please have water type moves.
"Assist, Night Slash, Attract, and Covet."

28 :: Indoors or outdoors? Both are equally prone to combustion, I'm afraid.
"Both are pretty good. I enjoy being outdoors, but I prefer spending my time indoors drinking coffee and reading."

29 :: Would you rather die by a random airplane crashing into you, or by using your private parts as Carvannah bait?
"....why would you even do the latter?"

30 :: Name your favorite beverage, or beverages, if you can't pick one. If you're another coffee addict there's a bunch of coffee shops like The Hideaway.
"Coffee. Black coffee. As owner of The Hideaway I am the queen of coffee addicts, and I'll greatly welcome any you send my way."

31 :: If you were a spirit, what ghost type Pokémon would you be in the afterlife? Just so we can make sure it's you, in case Amyntas returns or anything.
"I would probably be a sableye with emerald eyes--" she paused as her partner whispered something in her ear. "Pfft... please," she laughed. "This is a very serious discussion."

32 :: What do you think of people hypnotizing others to do their bidding? If you're not the type who likes getting controlled, you might want to avoid any circuses that open at night.
"I think it really depends on the situation and what you mean by hypnotizing. It's something one needs to be really careful about and shouldn't be used just because. I don't really see too much of an issue, so long as the ends justify the means."

33 :: Any regrets taking this interview so far?
"Yes," she sighs. "I didn't know it would be this long."

34 :: Well, there's some more questions.
"Oh! Would you look at the time," Esme exclaims. "I really should be getting back to work."

35 :: Encountered any of those faulty inventions that wander out of their workshops and cause trouble yet?
"Nope," she says breaking away from Ammon and heading back behind the counter.

36 :: Should have asked this earlier, Arceus— right, favorite food or foods?
"I have a healthy appetite for ice cream and chocolate, although my partner claims otherwise."

37 :: Would you say you look up to anyone?
"No, not really," she answers with a shrug. "However, my partner has my complete and total respect."

38 :: How do you see yourself in five years?
She pauses and looks up from the mug she was drying. "I... really don't know, hon. I've never really looked that far ahead in my life. I try to go with the flow and live in the moment, but I'm pretty sure that five years from now I'll still be with Ammon."

39 :: If you came face to face with a mischief god, what would you do?
"Claw his face for making me unable to drink coffee for an entire month," she grumbles.

40 :: On a scale of ten to a million, how much would you rate the combustibility of fire hydrants on Steam?
"I really have no idea, hon."

41 :: Do you own any fire extinguishers? If not, Town Hall hosts extinguisher giveaways every week.
"Seeing the turn of events last fall, I've been seriously considering getting a couple."

42 :: What is the answer to everything?
"Ice cream," she says with a serious expression. "Ice cream solves everything. Having a bad day? Ice cream. Can't figure something out? Ice cream. Having an argument with a friend? Ice cream. Not sure what to eat? Ice cream."

43 :: You ready for more questions?
"No," she states firmly giving Raquel a stern look. "You surpassed your limit about ten questions ago."

44 :: Actually, it looks like we're done here! Thanks for answering, and please do refer more possible interviewees to me.
Esme smirks mischievously. "Binah! We have a customer needing some assistance."
PS: Interview with Esme
Hehe, looks like Esme's "stalker" finally got to interview the master thief. Here you should get a better look at Esme's personality and how she sees things. Some of these things are... questionable.


Raquel (c) PizzaPotatoNBacon
Ammon, Nakia, and Cas (c) VirtualManectric (tagger)
Binah (c) Chai-Leaf (oh btw, tag you're it~)

PS: Raquel's Inquisitive Interview Meme

PKMN Steam NPC Caspian by eternanyx
PKMN Steam NPC Caspian

"Oh! Can't you just feel the love tonight~?"

:heart: Name:
Caspian (Also known as the Sea Prince or Angel of the Sea)

:heart: Age: Unknown, seems to act as a child

:heart: Gender: Male

:heart: Species: Manaphy

:heart: Ability: Hydration

:heart: Hometown: Unknown, as the title implies possibly the sea

:heart: Birthdate: Unknown

:heart: Nature: Rash

:heart: Summary Characteristic: Often Scatters Things

:heart: History: 

Oh look, it's a manaphy! Apparently this lil' cutie's been a silent observer of Steam and all it's shennanigans. After seeing what happened last year, he wants to prevent any mishaps on the most important holiday of all, Valentines Day! And since he loves love so much, he's wanting to help and keep track of relationships on the island!

:heart: Moveset: 
Bubble - Charm - Rain Dance - Heart Swap

:heart: Extras:
- Die hard sappy romantic. We're talking about being obsessed with massive romantic cliches.
- Believes in the power of love, regardless of type: Affection, Friendship, Romance, and Unconditional
- Has a number of Phione sisters somewhere
- Truly means well, unlike some legendaries (Drea), but his rashness and clumsiness tend to make a mess of things
- All of his bubbles are heart shaped and he uses his moves to tint them pink
- Rain Dance makes for convenient meetings or a dramatic heart to heart
- Seems to regard the Lake Guardians as older sister figures

Pose referenced from SenshiStock
hm tagged by VirtualManectric

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.


1) I am terrible when it comes to cleaning out my inbox and broke my record with 5,555 deviations and 500 journal entries to sift through. :dummy:
2) I'm going to major in Psychology. (Although I'm sure some of you already knew that; So in place of that: I have developed a fear of the sound of wheels: bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, scooters, vans. Walk around my college campus and you'll find out why.)
3) However, today I was asked if I'd consider majoring/minoring in Environmental Studies since I'm doing rather well in that class. This of course was a surprise to me, since I considered myself to be pretty average.
4) I am addicted to tea.
5) I once made a preacher's wife cry because I pointed out the fact that we were gambling.
6) I'm a Hufflepuff.
7) I really love Mushi-shi and will always recommend it to others. If you like series about paranormal activity and mythology, having a historical/period setting, with gorgeous animation, and an awesome main character, then you should definitely give it a watch~ 
8) I really need to make a new ID for myself.
9) I cannot do zombies or gore. (Although some instances, zombies are okay like in Paranorman and Space Dandy)
10) I'm probably going to sleep after this. Or stay up until 3 AM studying. One of those two.


Can you issue a challenge to yourself to NOT degrade yourself and/or your art for a month (after that, for as long as you can)?
I could try, but I don't think I'd get very far ^^; Oh whoops does that count as a disqualification?

2) Put some music on shuffle and name one of the songs here, please?
"Here to Stay" by Lenka on Cher's Spotify Playlist. It's a steady, mellow song that I can really relate to.

3) Have you seen The Matrix?
No... but I know of it.

4) What's your favourite type of food?
Meat. Meat and cheese are always good. Omg, I love cheese so much. You have to try havarti cheese with a Golden Delicious apple slice or something similar. Oh and dark chocolate's really good too.

5) Do you have a favourite show you've been watching lately? If so, what is it? (Yes, only one show.)
:iconyuicraiplz: I have to just pick one? Weh. I have several. One of the series that I've been enjoying lately is Teen Titans. I never really saw the entire series, and re-watching it gives me a deeper appreciation for the shows I grew up with and humor to brighten up my day.

6) What's something you've been wanting to draw lately? Addendum: draw it. Right now.
Oh gosh. There's so much, I can't think of just one at the moment /v\

7) Cocoa, coffee, tea, or cider?
:tea: ~

What's your Jung personality type?
I'm pretty sure I'm an INFP; Assertive; Diplomat
9) If you could spend the holidays in a different state/country, would you? With or without your family and/or friends?
Mm... depends on where it is. I'd definitely go with my family.

10) Can you, at some point today, force yourself to give a smile? I'm not asking you to do this for anyone but yourself, so feel free to just look in the bathroom mirror or something.
Heheh, that's not too hard to do. I smile/giggle quite a bit, although some days when my anxiety is running high it's a challenge and forcing myself to smile feels really fake.

1) Are you feeling cold right now?
2) What song has been stuck in your head lately?
3) Is there really a drastic difference between Ever After High and Monster High?
4) Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?
5) What was the last movie you watched and did you enjoy it?
6) What was the worst movie you've ever watched?
7) Any movies or books that you understand a lot better now than when you were a kid/first watched them?
8) Are you concerned more concerned about getting older or others getting older?
9) Do you speak more than one language? If so, what and how well?
10) Is there a genre of music you just cannot stand?

Hey guys~!
:iconsvestaluv: :iconhizakuru: :iconkukotte: :iconminish-mae: :iconvivaciousvonny: :iconkiwipeach: :icontguillot: :icontorchicked: :iconinfernonick: :iconctjamjelly:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Bon Jovi
  • Reading: Math Textbook
  • Watching: Teen Titans
  • Playing: PKMN X
  • Drinking: Water


The Eeveelutions by Bluekiss131

My Critique: You did a good job drawing this eeveelutions in a way that reminds me of the Ken Sugimori style. Blending could use a bit ...

Over the sun by Seelenwald

First of all this is a beautifully colored piece. The violet and yellow have a lovely contrast between each other. The flow is good and...

Fennekin by DrawerElma

Oh! The nostalgia of a new generation! It's not hard to tell why Fennekin is such a crowd favorite. The little guys a super fluffy fox ...

Oil Painting// Morsi practice by tguillot

Good use of color and contrast. Oil paint can be a difficult medium, but you seem to be quite at ease using it. The usage of light and ...

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